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AT OUR ECO REFILL PANTRY we stock over 100 organic, loose, products for you to choose from. We store pulses, grains, rices, pastas, nuts, seeds, spices and many more. We also have a dedicated gluten free section.  We have fresh bread and organic fruit and vegetables and herbs.

It is very important for us to support local producers, and so our bread and fresh produce is sourced within 5 miles of us! 

Our fruit and vegetables are mainly seasonal, so we wont stock everything, but you will find the best of what there is

Why organic​

We believe organic farming is the natural way and ‘organic food’ should in fact just be called ‘food’, allowing the pesticide-laden stuff to take the burden of an adjective. So rest assured that everything sold in this shop is as nature intended, organic.

The products we stock are well thought out and have been carefully researched for their source, packaging, quality and price.  We started with a broad range of products and welcome your suggestions to help us add to our stock.  Please let us know or write it on our chalkboard at the shop!

With your help also, we are able to approach manufacturers to express interest in bulk commodities of their products.  Along with other shops like us, if there is enough demand, they can explore this option.  It my not happen straight away, but it will help get the ball rolling!

Product list - ​you have made a great suggestion to post a list of our stock products.  I have compiled a list, and will be adding prices to it as a guide.  We really want to emphasise that there is no minimum quantity limit - you can buy as little or as much as you need.

View our product list here 

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