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Veg Box Blog 

February 21st:


posted by Louise on 21st Feb 2020

Hello folks, we hope you enjoy your veg and or fruit box this week, large or small, a lot of love has gone into it 💚Did you know that some fruit we buy can be six months old! In the case of apples a year old. Stored in giant warehouses where the air has reduced oxygen, to keep fruit and veg in a state where it looks fresh but lots of nutrients have gone.  Its part of the reason industrial food has become so bland.  Choosing fresh and local means we get to eat food with real flavour.  Supermarkets have provided a year round bounty of blandness where we can even eat strawberries in December and parsnips in summer. We are unable to source directly from the farm but we do the next best thing. We work with a local (less than 10 miles) Organic wholesaler of local and seasonal produce. They work  direct with farms for us, bringing produce direct from the farm to us. So we have access to farms all over the UK growing the widest range of fresh, local, organic produce which are then brought, every night, into a purpose built facility in Feltham. From here it is distributed to us. 

So, what will you do with your tsty bounty this week? Here is a few ideas from some of my favorite go to recipe sites (links provided for quickness, not any affiliation 😉) 

This is a lovely recipe that is versitle, it keeps fresh on the fridge for up to 4 days, it goes well with so many dishes or even on its own. This recipe calls for a purple and a green cabbage. I substitute my purple rainbow carrots when I have just green cabbage.

Did you know that the beautiful British leek has its own web page! Produced by the Leek growers association there are sooooo many interesting facts about the leek, we still have a few months left in its season so I will be sharing some interesting facts over the next few weeks. For now have a look at this delicious leek and garlic twist vegan bread recipe.

Finally, I marvel at how just four ingredients can make such a beautiful dish. A Chinese cabbage, grown in the beautifuk Netherlands. Pale, tightly wrapped, succulent leaves with crisp, broad, white ribs and a delicate, mild, sweet flavour. High in vitamin c and k,  don't forget we have the other 3 ingredients loose to buy in our little shop.

Until next week 💚 From next week we will have milk to add💚


This week's veg comes from: Red Alouette Potato - UK Devon,  Beetroot - UK,  Rainbow Carrots - UK, Portobello Mushrooms - UK Suffolk, Red Onions - UK, Leeks - UK, Courgettes- Italy, Butternut squash - Esp, Crimson Crisp apples - UK, Conference Pears - Uk

All Organic and sourced less than 10 miles away 💚

Veg Box Newsletter 

February 14th:

Mellow Yellow

 a simple squash No! thin skinned orange colored winter squash, that has the appearance of a small pumpkin without the ridges. Inside the hard outer skin lay a firm flesh with a delicate, chestnut like flavour. 

This hardy squash grows to maturity in full sun and is drought tolerant. Each vine produces multiple teardrop-shaped fruits, usually three. The squash matures about ninety days after blooming.

The squash is a hard-shelled winter variety with firm yellow flesh. The flesh often has a green tint under the seeds. Don't waste the seeds, try this idea

Full-flavored and sweet, red kuri squash is often cooked with butter and herbs. It is an ingredient in a variety of soups, stews and casseroles. It can be made into cakes, quick breads, muffins, cookies, jams and pies with its nutty-tasting flesh. It can be baked, boiled, microwaved, steamed, sautéed or fried. This squash adds sweet flavor and texture to stir-fries. Its seed cavity is ideal for stuffing. Try this one out, we love it!


This week's veg comes from: Red Alouette Potato - UK Devon, 

Rainbow Carrots - UK, Portobello Mushrooms - UK Suffolk, Red Onions - UK, Leeks - UK, Spinach - Italy, Red Squash - Netherlands

All Organic and sourced less than 10 miles away 💚